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Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion

Kidnapping for political and economic gain

As companies follow expansion trends into new territories, they are subject in many instances to new and often unquantified threats and risks. Within the African continent the emergence of Kidnapping for political and economic gain has become a trend of concern.

International Corporate Security

Kidnapping, ransom and extortion (KR & E) are significant threats to many international corporates and the staff who are employed by them around the world. The most vulnerable targets are companies with employees based or traveling overseas, individuals with high profiles or that have access to sensitive information or technology. Properly managing and preparing staff and management for a KR & E or other crisis event is essential in protecting the well-being of a victim as well as an organization’s assets and reputation.

Kidnap and ransom

We lend organisations the experience and resources to train, manage and resolve these incidents successfully by preparing and implementing timely and effective crisis management strategies in the event of a kidnapping. These resolution strategies can be spread to include threats of extortion, kidnapping threats that have been directed against employees and families, facilities and or operations.

We have on the ground experience with multiple crisis response initiatives relating to KR & E cases on the South African continent and make this experience available to you.