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Criminal Investigation (Theft-Fraud-Corruption)

Theft Investigation

The level of threat and sophistication displayed by criminal elements imply that business in South Africa must move to protect its people, assets, reputation and profits. A risk mitigation and investigative capability is no longer a luxury but an integral part of a business continuity strategy.

We have vast experience and specialise in the investigation of frauds, complex financial crimes, thefts and various other offences created in the Criminal Procedure Act.
Our experience within the investigative field is supplemented by our access to specialist resources such as certified fraud examiners, forensic auditors, surveillance operatives, computer evidence first responders, intelligence specialists and criminologists.


Investigative solutions

Our investigators have broad law enforcement experience and understand the criminal investigation process ensuring effective identification of perpetrators, and subsequent prosecution.
We have assisted law enforcement over the last decade to successfully prosecute a large number of criminals, and have assisted in recovering damages through restitution orders and tracing of assets.
Our ability to investigate does not stop at our country’s borders, and owing to a network of investigators located around the world we are able to pursue criminal investigations internationally via our established relationships.