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Company Due Diligence Pre Acquisition

Commercial crimes

The fast paced risk landscape has meant that business now more than ever is the target of a wide variety of commercial crimes aimed at defrauding target companies, consequently making business more complex and risk prone, this combined with rapidly changing statutory regulations pertaining to business structures and trading formats make it vital that company decision makers are aware of exactly whom the company is dealing with.

Basic due diligence into company ownership and structures has been proven to not only prevent the scourge of aspirant criminal activity, but also discourage employee schemes and dissuade perspective syndicates.

Saraband Solutions

Company Due Diligence Pre Acquisition

Saraband Solutions through its resources base is able to conduct in depth due diligence enquiries into ownership structures of prospective partner companies, merger prospects, new suppliers and distributors. These databases consist of thousands of media red flag databases, sanction lists, watch lists, company registraar’s and bureaux around the world.